GORM provides Prometheus plugin to collect DBStats or user-defined metrics


import (

db, err := gorm.Open(sqlite.Open("gorm.db"), &gorm.Config{})

DBName: "db1", // use `DBName` as metrics label
RefreshInterval: 15, // Refresh metrics interval (default 15 seconds)
PushAddr: "prometheus pusher address", // push metrics if `PushAddr` configured
StartServer: true, // start http server to expose metrics
HTTPServerPort: 8080, // configure http server port, default port 8080 (if you have configured multiple instances, only the first `HTTPServerPort` will be used to start server)
MetricsCollector: []prometheus.MetricsCollector {
VariableNames: []string{"Threads_running"},
}, // user defined metrics

User-Defined Metrics

You can define your metrics and collect them with GORM Prometheus plugin, which needs to implements MetricsCollector interface

type MetricsCollector interface {
Metrics(*Prometheus) []prometheus.Collector


GORM provides an example for how to collect MySQL Status as metrics, check it out prometheus.MySQL

Prefix: "gorm_status_",
// Metrics name prefix, default is `gorm_status_`
// For example, Threads_running's metric name is `gorm_status_Threads_running`
Interval: 100,
// Fetch interval, default use Prometheus's RefreshInterval
VariableNames: []string{"Threads_running"},
// Select variables from SHOW STATUS, if not set, uses all status variables